Canines & Felines- Available for Adoption

Here is a list of canines and felines available for adoption. Have a look through the profiles and let us know who you would like to meet!

The Adoption Application form can be found here, and remember to note the name of the canine or feline that you would like to join your family.

Adoption Process - 

All canines/felines are to be met in person. We arrange a meet and greet with your family and any other pets you may have.
An adoption application will need to be completed and returned before we complete a yard check (dogs only) to make sure your yard is secure and fully fenced, shade and shelter suitable for your new canine/feline.

Upon approval your adoption fee will be paid before collecting your new family member.

You will go on a 14day trial period. If at anytime in that 14 days you find you can not keep your canine/feline, they shall be returned and you will receive a refund of your adoption fee minus $100 - Admin Fee.

If after the 14 day trial period you have decided to continue with the adoption of your canine/feline we will e-mail your adoption pack.
This pack includes
- Desexing Paperwork
- Microchip number
- Vaccination Certificate- All vaccines will be up to date
- Receipt of payment

Your change of ownership form will be covered in the adoption fee and sent through to the company.

If you have any queries or questions please email us at

Please complete the contact form below, to get in touch with our adoptions team.