KONG Tropics Mouse

KONG Tropics Mouse

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KONG Tropics Mouse with Catnip 

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With two different classic cat toys to play with, this toy set is sure to please any kitty’s playful side! The Tropics Mouse and Ball set includes a plush mouse toy and jingling ball with colorful feathers on the end. Cleverly designed to delight your feline and satisfy their natural instincts of pursuit, these two fun toys encourage your pet to stay active while keeping them entertained.

Made with soft wool material, these high-quality cat toys are made to last and provide added comfort when your cat bites and gnaws on them. Packed with premium catnip from KONG, this bundle of joy for your kitty rewards them for their successful hunt. Get this 2-in-1 deal on cat toys and give your cat even more fun times!


  • 2-in-1 cat toy bundle for double the fun
  • Classic mouse toy and feather ball with bells
  • Filled with KONG Premium North American catnip to tempt cat to play
  • Designed to entice your kitty into chase-and-hunt play
  • Made with high-quality, soft wool material
  • Helps keep your cat active

This product was kindly donated, so it may not be in its original condition or packaging