KONG Shells

KONG Shells

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KONG Shells-

Simple and entertaining, the Petal Shells features a flower-shaped toy with a Ballistic ball in the center that squeaks and rattles to keep your pet interested in playing all day long. The soft nubs on the ball add to the chewing and biting fun while helping clean your dog’s teeth and massaging the gums. With various textures to play with, the Petal Shells will keep your pooch occupied and delight them with its diverse features. Get the KONG Petal Shells today for maximum playtime for your canine!


  • Flower-shaped dog toy with durable petals for tugging and chewing
  • Ballistic ball in the center with tough outer shell for long-lasting use and chewing fun
  • Rattles and squeaks for extra entertainment
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play

This product was kindly donated, so it may not be in its original condition or packaging