KONG FuzzBugs with Catnip
KONG FuzzBugs with Catnip

KONG FuzzBugs with Catnip

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KONG FuzzBugs Cat Toy

Brand New in Packaging 

Kong Fuzz Bug Catnip Toy works as both a cuddle toy and a great teasing toy.

This stretchy and crinkly toy contains a detachable tail which on its own can also be used as a fun toy for your cat.

A fun rattle can be located in the ball of the tail which adds to the never ending fun of this superb toy.

North American catnip can be found within this toy, this encourages your cat to play and helps stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts as well as helping prevent boredom.

The Kong Fuzz Bug comes in three characters: Butterfly, Dragonfly and Bee.

This product was kindly donated, so it may not be in its original condition or packaging