KONG Active Catnip Toy
KONG Active Catnip Toy

KONG Active Catnip Toy

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KONG Active cat toy, with Catnip. 

Brand New in slightly damaged Packaging.

Tired of the same ol’ mouse toys and want something new to add to your cat’s toybox? The Cat active toy collection from KONG is sure to satisfy your hunter’s natural instincts! These plush dinosaur toys have soft, cuddly bodies for added comfort while your pet plays.

Each toy also produces crinkling noises to intrigue your kitty and bring out their playful side. To reward your furry companion when they capture the dinosaur, the KONG toy contains a generous stuffing of KONG’S North American Catnip! Made from soft, yet strong, material, this cat toy is designed to keep up with your cat’s active and mischievous nature. 


  • Playful dinosaur-themed cat toys
  • Makes crinkling sounds to keep your cat’s attention
  • Various textures for more exciting engagement
  • Filled with catnip to tempt your pet to play
  • Made from soft, yet durable, material for a long-lasting toy
  • Excellent everyday toy to keep your cat entertained

This product was kindly donated, so it may not be in its original condition or packaging