The house of many cats!

“Help Is Help, Even When It Feels Like A Drop In The Ocean” - (Insta Quotes)

Mid-February we received a call for help; a cat had gotten pregnant resulting in kittens that the owner needed help rehoming. 
Now this is not an unusual call for us, it’s one of the reasons why the rescue was founded in the first place, to help when there are unplanned and unwanted litters.

Now although we are a dog rescue, due to the growing number of requests for us to help with cats and kittens, we had started taking these on a few months prior. 
This still was nothing out of the ordinary either. We started to liaise with the owner to get the back story and work out the logistics of bringing the kittens into care and having the mother desexed as part of our last litter program. This meant the owner didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant again.

It was during this conversation that we were told that not only did they have the mother cat and 8 kittens, but they in fact had a whole lot more.

That’s when we realised this wasn’t just a usual case and we knew straight away that we had to help!

We named these our H litter, as everyone needs a little help somewhere along the way!

We welcomed our Litter H. 
- Hannah, Henrietta, Hayden, Hendrix, Harley, Howard, Horris, Harrison and Howard.

“Help, Even When You Know They Can’t Help You Back”

A week or so after we picked up Litter H, after lots of planning and buttering up the vets and nurses, we had a day we could bring in all of the remaining cats for desexing. We loaded the car and off we went. When we arrived, it was certainly not what we expected. When you hear that someone has that many cats you cannot help but think that the place must be overrun, and the cats potentially are not in great condition. As we were welcomed in by the owners, we were greeted by the resident pooches and brought through to meet the rest of the resident cats. Straight away we could tell that they had been very well looked after.

We left with 18 babies that day! A lot of these, after desexing were to return to their owner while 6 stayed with us in rescue. As we talked more with the owners of the cats, we learned how they came to have so many cats. They started off with 3 cats all of which were desexed. From there they had some strays dropped off to their house (they were well known in the community for taking care of all sorts of animals), but before they had a chance to sort things out, the resident tom cat had come in and helped speed up the increase in numbers. The owners did their best to try and rehome as many of the babies as they could, but without the financial capacity to desex all the strays that were showing up, it was an uphill battle. Female cats can reach sexual maturity from 5 months of age, each litter can have up to 6 kittens and become pregnant essentially as soon as they give birth, theoretically having up to 5 litters of kittens in a single year.

From here it was straight to the clinic to get everyone settled in for the night in anticipation of the big day!

"You Dont Need A Reason To Help Others" - Insta Quotes

After a massive trip and return with these babies, we worked into the night getting their weights, names and check ups sorted. The following day was going to be HUGE for everyone involved.

7am and the day had already begun with pre surgery checkups. Dr Jo arrived soon after and prepped for what would be a marathon effort.
Jo and her nurse got to and saw the next 6 hours desexing cats/kittens. =O
A small price to pay to reduce the amounts of unwanted litters

Unfortunately, at check up tho, we found one that couldn’t be desexed, she was already pregnant and heavily pregnant at that! 
While the rest of the cats recovered from surgery, our beautiful mama cat Meg settled in with a new carer awaiting the arrival of her litter.


“When We All Help One Another, Everyone Wins” - Ziglar

As surgery day drew to a close, most of the cats either went back home or to their new carers awaiting to find their forever home. 
For one cat though, the waiting game had begun. Meg, a beautiful 16month old tabby was heavily pregnant with what we believed to be her 3rd litter.

That night she went home with a dedicated and experienced carer to get settled in for the arrival of her little bundles of joy.

As it happened, we didn’t have to wait too long!

Just 3 days later, Meg have birth to 4 adorable little babies and is being an exceptional mum